Streets and Street Lights

Streets and street lights are under the supervision of Public Works Commissioner Andrew Miller.

Snow is removed from Bellemeade streets in snowfalls in excess of three inches notwithstanding ice under the snow.  Wood Road and Whipps Mill Road are Lyndon streets.  Snow removal on North Chadwick Road is the responsibility of Metro.  The Streets and Lights Commissioner and the Public Safety Commissioner jointly recommend if the plows need to be called in and will use their judgement to determine when hazardous or special circumstances exist as part of their recommendation.

Street lights that are out are handled by LG&E.  Please report outages to  You can also contact the Streets and Lights Commissioner with the full street light information (intersection, address, etc).

Please report damaged or missing street signs to the Streets and Lights Commissioner; specify the location (intersection) and extent of the loss or  damage. Contact information is below.

Lights at the city entrances are maintained by the Streets and Lights Commissioner.  Contact information is below.

Potholes are filled as needed.  Contact the Streets and Lights Commissioner with the location of the pot hole and it will be looked after.  If the pothole is on Wood Rd or Whipps Mill Rd it is handled by the City of Lyndon.  If the pothole is on N Chadwick Rd it is handled by Louisville Metro.  The Streets and Lights Commissioner can contact Metro or Lyndon City to report the problem.

Streets and Lights Commissioner Contact Information

You can reach Andrew at or 502-417-0831 (Text is fine).