Thank you

Thanks to Regina Meyers, Herb Scales, Nicola Garbett, Brian Fingerson, Greg Hopper, and Sandy and Don Carter for their service on the Public Safety Committee

Thanks to Brian Fingerson, Sherry Spanyer, Tom Cole, Craig Barker, and Chips Evans for volunteering to serve on the Bellemeade Budget Committee.

Thanks to Tracy Zoeller for volunteering to serve on the Bellemeade Street Committee.


The City of Bellemeade has lost / is losing people who went above and beyond.  Bellemeade owes a huge debt of gratitude to Cindy Matherly, Reverend Larry Odom-Grom, and Lisa Phillips Brooks for their service to our community.

Going back to 2009, Cindy Matherly was one of the founders of Bellemeade Neighborhood Watch; she served for years as a block captain.  She was the first chairperson of the Bellemeade Public Safety Committee.  Reverend Odom-Groh served as mayor for over ten years and was also chaplain for Lyndon Fire Department.  Larry was a neighbor to all.  Lisa Phillips Brooks served as Co-chair and then Chair of Bellemeade Public Safety Committee.  Lisa plans to move from Bellemeade in March.  Thank you all  for your dedication; thank you for being people who made a difference.