Public Safety

SNOW REMOVAL POLICY:  Bellemeade has a contract for Bellemeade streets to be plowed when accumulation has reached three inches with other factors considered such as an accumulation of ice under the snow.  In the latter case, removal of the snow down to the ice will make the street even more hazardous.  North Chadwick Road, Wood Road, and Whipps Mill Roads are not maintained by Bellemeade.  They are maintained by Metro or Lyndon.

911 – Please immediately report all suspicious behavior and suspected or known criminal activity to Louisville Metro Police Department by calling 911.  You can call 502-574-2111 Option 5 with as much detail as you can provide to file a delayed report.


Public Safety is overseen by Commissioner Jennifer Gardner.

Residents serve on the Bellemeade Public Safety Committee to advise the Bellemeade Public Safety Commissioner and operate Bellemeade Neighborhood Watch.  Any resident interested in serving on the on the committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Lisa Phillips-Brooks,

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:  Neighborhood watch is simply neighbors helping neighbors stay safe by being the “eyes and ears” of the police department.  It can be as organized or loosely run as residents desire.  LMPD 8th Division provides a Neighborhood Watch Resource Officer at our request. However, community use of this asset has fallen off due to lack of community participation in Neighborhood Watch.  At this time, your participation is greatly needed.


Neighborhood Security and Asset Protection:  Lt. Alejandro Cabrera, our NSAP Officer (off duty LMPD), has advised us concerning an increase in car break-ins.  Because of that and theft of packages, we will be adding an additional officer to patrol Bellemeade and increasing the hours of patrol coverage.


Facebook users may also post notices at  our UNOFFICIAL Facebook Neighborhood Watch for Bellemeade