Information for Residents

Welcome, we hope  you will find information about our city useful.  If you have unanswered questions, please contact the mayor or a city commissioner.

*********Revenue for the operation of Bellemeade City Government services comes mainly from property tax, insurance premium (LGPT) tax, and franchise fees.  The LGPT generates more revenue than any other source.

Insurance companies must pay the insurance premium tax to the city in which you live. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to insure the correct taxing entity receives this money. This tax is very important to the City of Bellemeade, so please let your insurance carrier (s) know that you live in Bellemeade, not Louisville.  Our quarterly news letter contains a form you can send to your insurer.  Thank you.

Property tax bills are usually mailed in October at approximately the same time as tax bills mailed by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  The property owner as of January 1 is responsible for payment of the tax

Tree Planting Reimbursement: 

The City recently approved an ordinance providing for reimbursement of up to $300 to residents who purchase and plant a canopy tree. We are fortunate to have a wonderful variety of large, older canopy trees, and we want to encourage replacing those trees that are inevitably lost for various reasons. We want to ensure that Bellemeade continues to be the City of Trees as it has been for so long. You can find details of the ordinance here:  Ordinance 2022-03 Canopy Tree Reimbursement 

The application can be found here: Canopy Tree Reimbursement Application Form

********The Agenda for the regular City Commission meeting is typically posted on the Agenda section of this website prior to the meeting.  If you want something considered by the Commission, please contact a Commissioner or email either or

********Metro Ordinances pertaining to unlicensed vehicles, over-sized vehicles, dual rear axle vehicles, trailers, RV’s, and inoperable vehicles apply to Bellemeade.   Parking those type vehicles in residential areas is prohibited by Metro ordinance. Non-motorized small trailers may be parked on the grass behind the facade of the house.  Violation of the ordinance can result in civil court action, impoundment of the vehicle(s), and a large fine. It is the responsibility of the property owner to abide by the ordinance regardless of who owns the vehicle(s).  Call 311 with complaints / violation reports.

RIGHT OF WAY:  If you plant trees, build brick mailboxes, or place anything else of substantial size in the right of way, you may have to bear the cost of removal if MSD, the Water Company, or any other public or private utility has to dig in the easement.  State and local statutes prohibit the placement of signs within thirty feet of traffic signs or in the right of way.

City Email Alert / Notification System: To sign up for the city email list for news, announcements and alerts, click here.

Yard sale:   Our city-wide yard sale is typically held the third Saturday in August.  Please check the events page for more information.

City Government:

The City of Bellemeade chose to remain an independent, Home Rule City under the terms of the Kentucky Revised Statutes when Louisville and Jefferson County governments merged.  Bellemeade has Commission form of government with a mayor, who can make motions and vote, and four commissioners.  Commissioners and Mayor serve for without pay or compensation.  The mayor is elected to a four-year term; commissioners to a two-year term.  Each elected commissioner  is responsible for one or more specific areas of operation of city business.  Residents are urged to contact the appropriate commissioner or mayor for assistance or information.  You are also invited and encouraged to serve on one of the committees that advise the commissioners and mayor.  The commissioners meet the second Monday of every month.  More information can be found under the City Government tab.

Street Parking: Vehicles must be parked with the flow of traffic with all four wheels on the pavement within six (6) inches of the edge of the pavement per Metro Ordinance.  Universal statutes prohibit parking or sitting within thirty feet of stop or other regulatory signs.

Please be careful that you do not park directly in front of the driveway of your neighbor across the street which could make it difficult for service trucks to turn in or back in the driveway.  Please do not block access to on street mailboxes in the Moorgate section of our city.  Also remember that parking on both sides of the street or too far out on the pavement creates a potential hazard for fast moving fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.  Violators may be cited by LMPD for violations.

USPS Mail Service:  Closest mail drop box is on Whipps Mill Road near BP Convenience Store near the railroad tracks or at the Lyndon USPS Branch on LaGrange Road.  Mail delivery in Bellemeade comes out of two different USPS Branches.  The mail from the Middletown Branch (on Evergreen Road) is delivered to those of us who have a street side mailbox and a 40223 ZIP Code.  Mail out of the Lyndon Branch is delivered to those who have a 40222 ZIP Code and a mailbox at or near their door.

The Agenda for the regular City Commission meeting shall be posted on this website one week prior to the meeting.  If you want something considered by the Commission, please contact a Commissioner or email either or

Trash Pick Up:

Trash collection is provided for residents by the City of Bellemeade. Recycle, trash, and yard waste are picked up every Tuesday.

Each residence should have two large Rumpke containers, a brown one marked Rumpke for trash and a smaller green one marked recycle. Please do NOT place yard waste, construction material, bricks, lumber, etc  in either of these containers.  Containers with debris sticking out the top may not be picked up.  If you are a new resident and do not find  containers at your home, please contact or the current public works commissioner.

Recycle items must be placed INSIDE the green recycle container.   Items left outside the container will NOT be picked up.

Yard waste may be placed in a container or paper leaf bags that you provide;  please mark the containers clearly with YARD WASTE lettering.  Limbs must be cut to four feet or less and tied in bundles small enough for one man to handle. Our collection service is not obligated to pick up yard waste left behind by commercial contractors.

You may place your containers and yard waste by the edge of the street on Monday night and retrieve the empties on Tuesday night. Please do not obstruct the right of way by putting the containers on the pavement.

Large items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. may be picked by arrangement with Rumpke.  There is a charge for this extra service.


Please check your house numbers.  Can the number be read from the street easily at night in case emergency personnel need to come to your home fast?

Insurance companies must pay the insurance premium tax to the city in which you live. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to insure the correct taxing entity receives this money. This tax is very important to the City of Bellemeade, so please let your insurance carrier (s) know that you live in Bellemeade, not Louisville.  Thank you.

Please do not tape anything to the Stop Sign posts or the Street Light Posts; the tape harms the special coating.

Snow removal – When it snows three inches or more, we have a contractor plow the streets that are maintained by the City of Bellemeade. Cars parked on the street create problems and could be covered with snow or damaged by the plow. There is also the danger of slippery streets and some other drivers crashing into a parked vehicle.

The City of Bellemeade maintains the streets within the boundaries of the City of Bellemeade. Whipps Mill Road and Wood Road are Lyndon or Metro streets.

Unsightly signs that detract from the appearance of the city are not allowed in the two Shelbyville Road entrances that are owned and maintained by the City of Bellemeade. Steel or nicely constructed signs intended for a short duration may be posted in those areas by residents subject to approval by the Public Lands Commissioner who shall determine location and duration of posting limitations.  Please do not tape signs to the street light posts or traffic / regulatory sign posts.


Communication with residents is one of the requirements of any city government  concerning activities, especially when it passes or amends an ordinance.

The City of Bellemeade meets this duty in a variety of ways.

1.Open meeting once a month on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at The Steel Technologies Building, 1st Floor, 700 North Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222.  You can see minutes and agenda on this website.  The agenda is set by the commissioners and mayor.

2. Quarterly newsletter is published as  Neighborhood News and sent as First Class Mail to each household in Bellemeade.  Please contact our city clerk with comments or questions or if you are not receiving the Newsletter each quarter.

3. Official internet sites:

Official City website: Official information may be found on the city website

4.  Email Alerts:   Timely one way emergency notification email alerts are available for residents who want an instant notification of events in Bellemeade.  Residents may sign up for this service at the link provided under “Announcements,” “Useful Links,” and at the top of this page.

5.  Phone or email contact:  Please see the “Contact Us” page on this site.

6.  Unofficial Facebook Group pages:

Bellemeade Forum   This Forum is NOT an official page; it is a page created by a resident several years ago to provide an open forum for non-commercial discussion among residents and former residents.  Membership is limited to residents and former residents.   Residents may be added by any Administrator or Moderator; just simply tell them your name and street address.  To insure that comments on this page are available to all residents, users may not block other users.  Please do NOT post commercial advertisements on the Forum page.

Bellemeade Commercial Services: is an unofficial page for advertisements for commercial services and products.   Bellemeade is fortunate in having residents who own or operate businesses which provided much needed services and products.

Neighborhood Watch for Bellemeade Group page is an unofficial page for posting actual criminal or suspicious activity and  potentially dangerous situations such as downed power lines, gas leaks, rabid animals, etc.  Membership is limited to residents only (adults and minor/teens with parental permission).  Unfortunately Neighborhood Watch in currently non-functional because of the absence of resident participation.

Good communications is very important in this technical age, and our citizens have many choices for receiving important information. Some use only mail, some check the internet, and some use email or text. Tell us which way you prefer to be contacted by your city commission.


Please be aware that Metro laws and codes apply to all county residential areas including Bellemeade:

The City of Bellemeade is under the law enforcement jurisdiction of Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD).  We are served by LMPD Division 8, 2927 Goose Creek Rd, 40241; phone 503-574-2258, FAX 502-245-1249.  911 – Please immediately report all suspicious behavior and suspected or known criminal activity to Louisville Metro Police Department by calling 911.  You can call 502-574-2111 Option 5 with as much detail as you can provide to file a delayed report.

Discharge of firearms and open burning are not allowed anywhere in Jefferson County.   Bellemeade residents can call LMPD to report discharge of firearms and St. Matthews – Lyndon Fire Department  502-425-7474 to report burning violations.

Fire pits and grills for non-commercial cooking are permitted with certain state and METRO restrictions.  Fire pits must be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from buildings and property lines per the state fire code.  Fire pits and grills must not be used under structures constructed with wood or other flammable material or adjacent to or directly under trees or other flammable vegetation .

Building permits and zoning changes must go through Louisville Metro.

Door-to-door solicitors are  REQUIRED to have a Metro Louisville solicitor’s license.  The license is roughly the same size as our Kentucky driver’s license.  The license is issued to individuals, not companies; therefore EACH solicitor is REQUIRED to have one.  Unlicensed solicitors should be reported to the police.

Commercial advertising yard signs are not allowed on residential lawns except while contractors are working on a residence. Please remove them when the work is completed.

Signs of any type should not be posted in the easements or right of way.

RVs, trailers, and boats are not allowed to park in front of the facade of the house, and if a motor vehicle is parked behind the house, it must be parked on a hard surface of concrete or asphalt.

Pets must be restrained by a fence or on a leash in accord with METRO Ordinance.    Pet owners must retrieve their pets droppings and properly dispose of them.  Offenders are subject to citation or summons.

Home and lawn exterior must be kept clean and neat as required by Metro ordinance.  Offenders are subject to citation or summons.

Trees are not to be planted in the right of way within twelve feet of the edge of the pavement or in the rear easement.

Parking:  vehicles are to be parked on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt.   Heavy trucks in residential areas is strictly prohibited by Metro Ordinance.

Unlicensed or disabled motor vehicles shall NOT be parked, kept or stored on any premise per Metro Ordinance.

Complaints concerning any Metro Ordinance violation should be made to Metro officials (Metro Call 311).