Public Lands

The City of Bellemeade owns property at the two entrances off Shelbyville Road (Bellemeade Road and North Chadwick Road – Moorgate), in the Woodcleft Circle, and at the eastern end of Charing Cross Road.

Temporary, short term placement of signs  – yard sale, home for sale by owner –  in those areas is prohibited.  The City of Bellemeade may place its own signs in these locations.

Tree Planting Reimbursement

The City recently approved an ordinance providing for reimbursement of up to $300 to residents who purchase and plant a canopy tree. We are fortunate to have a wonderful variety of large, older canopy trees, and we want to encourage replacing those trees that are inevitably lost for various reasons. We want to ensure that Bellemeade continues to be the City of Trees as it has been for so long. You can find details of the ordinance here: Ordinance 2022-03 Canopy Tree Reimbursement

The application can be found here: Canopy Tree Reimbursement Application Form

Bellemeade Public lands are overseen by Commissioner Ben Zickel.  The email address for the public lands commissioner is