Public Events


Bellemeade is having a tree planting demonstration!

Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 9:00am

124 Dorchester Rd.

Robert Woodford, from Sullivan Tree Company will demonstrate the proper way to plant a tree, and the best way to care for it after planting. 

Come and join us for Bellemeade’s Annual Arbor Day Event! We will have a wealth of information about trees including the planting demonstration and take-away literature. We will also provide coffee and donuts for those attending.

The first year after planting, watering is crucial to the survival and health of young trees. In fact, newly planted trees and shrubs are said to “Sleep, Creep, and then Leap” in the first three years after planting, when they are properly watered.  

Please RSVP for event to Halle at 502-558-9625.

We are thrilled that so many residents are interested in keeping Bellemeade the City of Trees. To support canopy tree planting, Bellemeade Ordinance 2022-03 Canopy Tree Reimbursement, provides for reimbursement of up to $300 per year, per household for planting a canopy tree.

You can also purchase a tree from the same company where we obtained the trees for the lottery, Sullivan City Tree Company. Robert Woodford is our contact there and he can be reached at 502-608-2808.

Please remember, when and if you decide to plant a canopy tree, (or any other project that requires digging), it is critical that you check for underground utility lines in the area where you will be digging.  BEFORE you begin any digging, please call 811 or 1.800.752.6007, or go online to Kentucky 811 at  This will give all the utilities time to mark any underground lines so you can avoid hitting them. This simple process is free and necessary to avoid any utility disruptions.