Metro Information

Please be aware that some Metro laws and codes apply to all of Metro Louisville Jefferson County Government area:

The City of Bellemeade is under the law enforcement jurisdiction of Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD).  We are served by LMPD Division 8, 2927 Goose Creek Road, 40241; phone 503-574-2258, FAX 502-245-1249.  911 – Please immediately report all suspicious behavior and suspected or known criminal activity to Louisville Metro Police Department by calling 911.  You can call 502-574-2111 Option 5 with as much detail as you can provide to file a delayed report.

Discharge of firearms and open burning are not allowed anywhere in Jefferson County.   Bellemeade residents can call LMPD to report discharge of firearms and St. Matthews – Lyndon Fire Department  502-425-7474 to report burning violations.

Fire pits and grills for non-commercial cooking are permitted with certain state and METRO restrictions.  Fire pits must be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from buildings and property lines per the state fire code.  Fire pits and grills must not be used under structures constructed with wood or other flammable material or adjacent to or directly under trees or other flammable vegetation .

Building permits and zoning changes must go through Louisville Metro.

Door-to-door solicitors are  REQUIRED to have a Metro Louisville solicitor’s license.  The license is roughly the same size as our Kentucky driver’s license.  The license is issued to individuals, not companies; therefore EACH solicitor is REQUIRED to have one.  Unlicensed solicitors should be reported to the police.

Commercial advertising yard signs are not allowed on residential lawns except while contractors are working on a residence. Please remove them when the work is completed.

Signs of any type should not be posted in the right-of-way.

RVs, trailers, and boats are not allowed to park in front of the facade of the house, and if a motor vehicle is parked behind the house, it must be parked on a hard surface of concrete or asphalt.

Pets must be restrained by a fence or on a leash in accord with METRO Ordinance.    Pet owners must retrieve their pets droppings and properly dispose of them.

Home and lawn exterior must be kept clean and neat.

Trees are not to be planted in the right-of-way within twelve feet of the edge of the pavement.

Parking heavy trucks in residential areas is strictly prohibited by Metro Ordnance.

Unlicensed or disabled motor vehicles shall NOT be parked, kept or stored on any premise per Metro Ordnance.

Complaints concerning any Metro Ordnance violation should be made to Metro officials (Metro Call 311).