Effective September 1, 2019. the Bellemeade City Commission shall have one vacant seat. That seat shall be filled by appointment by the remaining Commission members. If you are an adult resident of Bellemeade and would be interested in serving on the Commission for the remainder of the term (September 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020), please send your name, contact information, and your resume to the mayor or city clerk on or before August 1, 2019.

******* City Commission of Bellemeade, Kentucky, Regular Monthly Meetings are open to the public at 7:00 pm 0f the Second Monday of each month at Louisville Jefferson County Metro Northeast Regional Library, 15 Bellevoir Circle, Louisville, Kentucky 40223.

********Yard sale:   August 17 – Rain date: August 24

*******NOTICE: In Special Called Meeting on June 21, 2019, the City Commission of Bellemeade, Kentucky, voted to move the location for Regular Monthly Meetings to Louisville Jefferson County Metro Northeast Regional Library, 15 Bellevoir Circle, Louisville, Kentucky 40223.  Meetings shall continue to be open to the public at 7:00 pm on the Second Monday of each month.*

****** Yard waste collection: Rumpke is NOT obligated to pick up overweight containers, containers with debris sticking out two feet above the top of the container, and numerous containers per residence. Construction materials and torn out shrubbery left behind by commercial contractors should NOT be placed out for collection. We have a good contract with Rumpke and, unlike Metro and some other cities, we collect all waste every week rather than every other week or once a month. Let’s not abuse that contract and force Rumpke to abide by the letter of the contract. Thank you.

************STREET PARKING: Metro Ordinance states that vehicles parked on a street in a residential area must be parked in the direction of travel on that side of the street with all four wheels on the pavement within six inches of the edge of the pavement. Do NOT park on the grass. Vehicle may not park or idle within thirty feet of a stop sign or within four feet of a driveway. O

*******YOUR ATTENTION IS NEEDED:  Please do not dump debris,and yard waste into the drainage ditch west of the even numbered houses on South Hampton Road. This is not acceptable; it is a public health and safety issue in addition to creating a flooding problem.

******Warm weather is HERE!  Folks are enjoying the fresh air wafting in through the open windows and relaxing on the patio.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and manage your canine friends so their barking won’t disturb your neighbors.
********Email alert system:  Sign up for our city email list to receive public safety, community event, and general information and announcements from the City of Bellemeade here.

********Recycle, trash, and yard waste are collected by Rumpke under the terms of a municipal contractual agreement with the City of Bellemeade (This is NOT a Metro service.).  Please report any problems with collection immediately by phone call to the Mayor, City of Bellemeade, 502-439-1519.  The mayor has a direct line to Rumpke.  Collection is every Tuesday with the following holiday adjustments:

      ********The Agenda for the regular City Commission meeting shall be posted on this website one week prior to the meeting.  If you want something considered by the Commission, please contact a Commissioner or email either or

********Standing advisory committees advise and assist the mayor and city commissioners in matters of Bellemeade City Government.   Would you like to provide input?  If so, email your name, address, email address, phone number, and committee of interest to

********Metro Ordinances pertaining to unlicensed vehicles, over-sized vehicles, dual rear axle vehicles, trailers, RV’s, and inoperable vehicles apply to Bellemeade.   Parking those type vehicles in residential areas is prohibited by Metro ordinance. Small non-motorized trailers are allowed, but must be parked to the rear of the facade of the house.  Violation of the ordinance can result in civil court action, impoundment of the vehicle(s), and a large fine. It is the responsibility of the property owner to abide by the ordinance regardless of who owns the vehicle(s).  Call MetroCall (311) with complaints / violation reports.