Bellemeade City Commission Special Meeting,  5:30 p.m.. Friday, March 22, 2019, at 107 North Chadwick Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40223-2801 for Second Reading Insurance Premium Tax Ordinance.
BUDGET for Fiscal Year 2019-20 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020) is currently in “study” by the Bellemeade Budget Committee.  Anyone who wishes to provide input,  request additional services, or modify present services, please submit a proposal in writing (private sector format is acceptable) to not later than March 11,2019.
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********The Agenda for the regular City Commission meeting shall be posted on this website one week prior to the meeting.  If you want something considered by the Commission, please contact a Commissioner or email either or
********Yard sale:   August 17 – Rain date: August 24
********Metro Mayor Greg Fischer announced numerous reductions or loss of services as a result of a pension issue.   Some of those cuts such as reduction in  police protection would affect Bellemeade as would a Metro tax increase.  Currently the Metro LGPT (Local Government Premium Tax) rate and the Bellemeade are both set at 5%.  If Metro raises the rate to 15% and Bellemeade does not, Bellemeade residents would still have to pay 15% on the specified insurance policy premiums, but the funds from the 10% increase would go to Metro, not Bellemeade.  Bellemeade City Commission had first reading of an ordinance at the February 11 meeting to insure that the increase would go to Bellemeade.  Second Reading is on the March 11 Agenda.
As an FYI, certain of those threatened cuts would NOT directly affect Bellemeade.  Bellemeade garbage collection, street maintenance other than North Chadwick Road, and fire protection would not be affected because we contract independently for trash collection and street maintenance and are in the St. Matthews-Lyndon Fire Protection Zone, not the Louisville Zone.  The Bellemeade City Commission for several years has augmented police protection from LMPD 8th Division by our contract with Neighborhood Security & Asset Protection, Inc aka NSAP.
**********BEAUTIFICATION ORDINANCE; CITY OF BELLEMEADE, KENTUCKY, ORDINANCE # 2, SERIES # 2008, as Amended October 11, 2010 was rescinded by Ordinance. No funds are available for planting or pruning trees.
********Standing advisory committees advise and assist the mayor and city commissioners in matters of Bellemeade City Government.   Would you like to provide input?  If so, contact a commissioner or email the mayor at

********Recycle, trash, and yard waste are collected by Rumpke under the terms of a municipal contractual agreement with the City of Bellemeade (This is NOT a Metro service.).  Please report any problems with collection immediately by phone call to the Mayor, City of Bellemeade, 502-439-1519.  The mayor has a direct line to Rumpke.  Collection is every Tuesday with the following holiday adjustments:

                ……..May 28 – Memorial Day  delayed to  Wednesday, May 29

********Metro Ordinances pertaining to unlicensed vehicles, over-sized vehicles, dual rear axle vehicles, and inoperable vehicles apply to Bellemeade.   Parking those type vehicles in residential areas is prohibited by Metro ordinance. Violation of the ordinance can result in civil court action, impoundment of the vehicle(s), and a large fine. It is the responsibility of the property owner to abide by the ordinance regardless of who owns the vehicle(s).  Call 311 with complaints / violation reports.