Trash collection

Problems with collection should be reported to the Bellemeade Mayor by a phone call (NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE) to 502-439-1519 .

Recycle, trash, and yard waste are collected by Rumpke under the terms of a municipal contractual agreement with the City of Bellemeade (This is NOT a Metro service.). Routine pick up does NOT include pick up of large items such as couches, mattresses, refrigerators, overweight containers, yard waste and construction materials left behind by commercial contractors, yard waste containers with debris sticking out two feet above the top of the container (will not fit in opening in truck and must be broken down by hand by Rumpke employees), etc.

Recycle items must be placed INSIDE the green recycle container. Items left outside of the container will be not be picked up.

Please follow the specifications of the contract on putting out trash, yard waste, and recycle.” Please do not put out items not covered by contract, improperly packaging yard waste, or overfilled containers. Our contract with Rumpke does not require them to pick up over-sized items and improperly “packaged” yard waste, recycle, and trash not covered by the contract.

Limbs and stalks are to be cut no longer than four feet, bundled, and securely tied if left outside the container. The four foot rule also applies to limbs and stalks placed in containers.. Grass or leaves packed into a container is too heavy for the workers to lift.

Couches, recliners, mattresses, desks, tables, tv sets, remodeling leftovers, etc. placed out on the ground will not be picked up. Please call and arrange pick up of large items at your own expense; do not put them out for regular collection.

Collection is every Tuesday with the following holiday adjustments:

January 1 delayed until Wednesday, January 2.

May 28 – Memorial Day  delayed to  Wednesday, May 29