Mayor’s Message

The following is a synopsis of the January 14, 2019, Bellemeade City Meeting.

The tax year shown on the current tax bills is incorrect. The property tax for which you have been billed is based on the January 1, 2018, PVA assessment.  Therefore the  tax is for tax year 2018, not 2019.  The Commission voted to send a correction notice to each property owner.

Commissioner appointments were made by the Mayor.  The Commission elected Andrew Miller to fill the vacated Mayor Pro Tempore position.

Advisory Committees for Budget, Official Communications, Streets, Public Safety, Community Events, and Public Lands were created to advise the mayor and commissioners on resident needs and wants in each area.  The committees were created to allow residents to voice concerns on Bellemeade city government to help the Commission chart courses of action.  Residents wishing to volunteer their time to meet periodically to discuss the needs may contact a commissioner or email  The committees shall be comprised of three to eleven residents who shall elect their own chair and determine the time and date for their meetings. Commissioners shall not be members of Advisory Committees.

Authorization was given to Andrew Miller, Street Commissioner, to spend up to $900.00 for replacement / repair street signs and street posts.

First Reading of Ordinance to Repeal Beautification Ordinance was presented by Commissioner Gardner and City Attorney Steve Porter.

Proposal to join the Kentucky League of Cities was tabled.  Commissioners Miller and Jarl will explore the cost and benefits and bring a proposal to the February meeting.

Commissioner Jarl presented comments and motion to set August 17 as the Yard Sale date with rain date August 24.

Commissioner Miller was authorized to begin the One Way Alert System. The individuals who shall be authorized to send notices shall be trained following the February meeting.

Commissioner Jarl was appointed to review the insurance premium tax to insure that Bellemeade was properly receiving the premium tax paid on insurance policies rather than it being sent to Metro.  Several residents have reported that their policy shows the premium tax was sent to Louisville.  By law, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to send the tax to the city of residence, and if, for whatever reason, the tax is sent to the wrong city, the insurance company must send the tax to the correct city and then attempt to get back the money sent to the wrong city.  

Snow removal policy was unchanged; no recommendations from residents were presented.

Newsletter articles should be sent electronically to no later than January 15.



Ladies and Gentlemen:

On New Years Day, 2019, I became Mayor, City of Bellemeade, Kentucky, after having served as City Commissioner for three terms, mostly as Public Safety Commissioner, and lately as Mayor Pro Tempore.

My thanks and praise go to my good friend, Reverend Larry Odom-Groh, for ten very successful years as Mayor, Cit Commission y of Bellemeade. What a blessing it has been for Bellemeade to have had his service. We sometimes disagreed, but we remained friends. Godspeed, Larry, and thank you.

My thanks also to the Public Safety Committee for the advice and assistance they gave me as commissioner. As Public Safety Commissioner, I asked the City Commission to create the committee years ago to assist and advise me on public safety matters. The folks who stepped up to the task did a great job, thank you.

As mayor, I will work to give more residents more voice in all areas of Bellemeade government. The first effort will be by creating additional advisory committees such as Budget, Community Events, Official Communications, Public Lands, and Streets and Street Lights. This is the opportunity for all residents to inject their thoughts PRIOR to the vote and decision. I often read comments on Facebook by people who are critical of something done or not done by Bellemeade City Commission. I personally invite each of those critics to volunteer to serve on one of the advisory committees.

Please support the commissioners in the role in which they will serve Bellemeade: Jennifer Gardner, Public Safety; Susan Jarl, Community Events; Bob Elliott, Public Lands; and Andrew Miller, Streets and Street Lights and Official Communications. Let then know your thoughts up front. They serve for no pay; they deserve an equal amount of criticism. They do deserve our support and our thanks.

May I also remind each of you that Bellemeade has an official website that is regularly updated. It is the only online place to get the facts as opposed to Facebook misinformation. The site provides information ranging from a city map, City Commission Agenda and Minutes of Meetings, Information for residents, homes for sale, general announcements, trash collection, and more.

On a personal note, I had only planned to maybe run for a fourth term as commissioner. I ran for mayor because no one else would and because a lot of people asked me to run. It must be remembered that for Bellemeade to remain an independent city, residents must elect a full city commission and mayor at each regular election. Otherwise, the area will be annexed by Metro, Hurstbourne, Lyndon, or some other larger Home Rule city. I ran for mayor, in part, to help prevent such a takeover despite the fact that I was fighting Stage 3 lung cancer. On April 25th, I had surgery to remove a seven centimeter (baseball size) malignant pleural tumor and over half of my left lung.  I successfully weathered chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the following months. My last PET Scan indicated that there is no visible cancer remaining in my body. I thank God for that. My thanks to the many residents who helped me through that. Going forward, I welcome all of your advice and assistance as I embark, actually as WE embark, on this new challenge. Thank you.

City of Bellemeade, Kentucky


One Last Time

This is my last day as Mayor of Bellemeade and at Midnight I will end my ten year plus service and a second later John Miller will begin his service as your mayor. It is a good day for both of us. My prayer for the city of Bellemeade is for many blessings, joy and peace for all the citizens of our fair city.  I will hold you in my heart and follow you on facebook.

God bless you and farewell.

Mayor Larry Odom-Groh

Mayor’s Message December  2018

Monday night was my last commission meeting as your mayor and it has been a great joy for me to serve the City of Bellemeade. In over ten years I  have never missed a commission meeting.

Following up on last months meeting I contacted Rumpke about change our agreement from Recycle every other week to every week starting January first. It will double the cost of recycle from $2 per household to $4 per household. The commission agreed to the cost and the change will be made.

Commissioner Gardner suggested that the Beautification program had run its course and made a motion to delete the program. As that was done by ordinance it will need to be changed by ordinance. The new commission will discuss a proposed new ordinance at the January meeting.

2019-20 commission assignments were discussed and Mayor elect Miller will officially make those appointments at the January meeting.

The new commission was sworn in by city attorney Steve at the end of the meeting to take effect on January first.

Then I was present with several very nice gifts by the commission for which I am very thankful.

 Larry Odom-Groh