For New Residents


Welcome to our new neighbors in Bellemeade. On this page you will find information you will need to know about our city. Questions not answered may be emailed to

Trash Pick Up:

The city of Bellemeade provides residents with free trash, yard waste and recycle pickup. Trash and Yard waste is picked up every Tuesday and Recycle is picked up every other Tuesday. See the Announcements page on this web site for recycle and holiday delay dates. You should have two large Rumpke containers, a brown one marked Rumpke for trash and a green one marked recycle. If you do not find them at your home call Rumpke at 1 800 678-6753. Yard waste may be place in a container you provide, paper leaf bags or limbs may be cut to four feet or less and tied in bundles small enough for one man to handle.  You may place your cans and yard waste by the edge of the street on Monday night and retrieve the empties on Tuesday night. Please do not put the containers on the pavement.

Please check your house numbers and ask yourself can they be read at night in case emergency personnel need to come to your home fast.

Bellemeade has a Beautification program to encourage residents to have canopy trees in their front yards. Contact the Beautification Commissioner for information

Insurance companies must pay the insurance premium tax to the city you live in so please let them know that you live in Bellemeade and not Louisville.

Please do not tape anything to the Stop Sign post or the Street Light Post as the tape harms the special coating.

Winter street parking – When it snows three inches or more we have the snow plow clean it off. Cars park on the street create problems and could be covered with snow or damaged by the plow. There is also the danger of slippery streets and some other drivers crashing into parked car.

Street Parking and Firetrucks. We have narrow streets and fire trucks are big so parking on both sides of the street creates a potential hazard for fast moving fire trucks.

One of the requirements of any city government is to communicate with its citizenson its activities, especially when it passes an ordinance, as we did in the June meeting.

The city of Bellemeade meets this requirement in a variety of ways:

  1. All of our meetings are open to the public– except executive sessions for staff issues. City Commission meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Lyndon City Hall.

2. We publish this quarterly newsletter Neighborhood News as First Class Mail to each household in Bellemeade. The newsletter is also posted on the Bellemeade city website.

3. We update the city website at least once a month.

4. We send out Email Alerts, as necessary, to those who have requested to be on the alert list.

5. We have three Facebook pages: a Bellemeade city page, a Neighborhood Watch page, and a  Forum page.

6. We have a text alert service, phone call alert, or email alert for residents who want an instant  notification of events in Bellemeade. Contact the Public Safety Commissioner for details.

Good communications is very important in this technical age, and our citizens have many choices for receiving important information. Some use only mail, some check the internet, and some use email or text. Tell us which way you prefer to be contacted by your city commission.

Metro laws that apply to all county residential areas including Bellemeade:

All of our zoning and building permits must go through Louisville Metro.

Each door to door solicitors must have a Metro Louisville solicitor’s license.

Commercial advertising yard signs are not allowed on residential lawns except while contractors are working on a residence.

RVs Trucks, and boats are not allowed to park in front of the house and if parked behind the house must be on a hard surface concrete or asphalt.

Open Burning is NOT allowed any where in Jefferson County. Bellemeade citizens can call Lyndon Fire Department  425-7474 to report.

Pets out side must be in a fence or on a leash this includes cats as well as dogs. Pet owners must retrieve their pets droppings and properly dispose of them.

Home and lawn exterior must be kept clean and neat

Parking heavy trucks in residential areas is strictly prohibited.

No unlicensed motor vehicles shall be parked, kept or stored on any premise.