Codified Ordinance

In January of 2020 the City of Bellemeade passed a codification ordinance to take all existing city ordinances and compile them into a code book for easy reference. In the past the city has operated with only a minute book and code book so that to find a specific ordinance you needed to know the date when it was passed and then you could search the documentation for the printed and signed copy. Some of our older ordinances did not exist in a digital format, and could only be found in this printed format. Over time a lot of those ordinances were also repealed or replaced, so knowing what the current law was meant also looking for those events as well.

From now on the City of Bellemeade will keep a code of ordinances and will update and make changes to that code as needed. The code will always be on our city website (click here) and changes will be published as required by KRS. I believe this is a major step forward for our city and will help with the continuing efforts to modernize our city government.

Note that the city of Bellemeade still does not have any ordinances related to noise, pets, building code, parking or property maintenance. All of those are Louisville Metro code and are enforced by Louisville Metro.

Take a look at our new code book and let us know what you think!

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