Social Distancing

I’m not as good with words as Mayor Gabe Brown of Walton, KY and I don’t have authority to shut things down the way Mayor Greg Fischer does but what I can do is keep hammering home this message: Social distancing only works if we all do it.  One more time.  Social distancing only works if we all do it.  One person having a party on their lawn can send COVID-19 home to 6 households who can spread it to their neighbors and on and on.  Spread it to 10 people and 2 of them are going to get very sick.  Spread it to 20 and one of them is going to the hospital. It would be a shame if 90% of us are doing this right and it’s ruined by 10% of people who think they are the exception to the rule.

In general our city has done an exceptional job.  But we have received calls and messages about people in who are still having get-togethers. Some privately, some more publicly. The City of Bellemeade has very little enforcement authority for an executive order other than to notify the state and I would think nobody wants a Sheriff’s car sitting at the end of their driveway having a talk with all their guests. Let’s not let things get to that point. I know it’s beautiful outside. I know we’re all missing our friends. I know it’s hard to keep the kids from going out. But if we do this right the first time then we won’t have to do it again in the fall.

If you don’t care about your safety or the safety of your friends and loved ones think about your neighbors and their friends and their loved ones. The difference between doing this right and doing this wrong is thousands of deaths. You are not the exception.

For everyone who is staying at home… for all of the rainbows in windows and houses lit up green.. Thank you.  Just a few more weeks hopefully. We will get through this.

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