Welcome to Bellemeade

Welcome to the official website for the City of Bellemeade, Kentucky!  We have tried to include information that will be of service to the residents of Bellemeade.  Check our news feed for news and updates about the city.

For details about the city and our form of government, see our City History.

The Bellemeade City Commission has a regular meeting on the second Monday of every Month at 7:00 PM in the North East Regional Library located at 15 Bellevoir Cir, Louisville, KY 40223.  The location within the library may vary, check with the library to verify. All members of the public are invited to attend. We try to reserve the big meeting room when we expect a large group.  For details on our meetings and how meetings are run, click here.

To contact a commissioner by email or phone, check our contact page.

The Bellemeade entrance photo is by Linda Sinclair, a local photographer.

To receive emails from the city, including notifications of important events, ordinances and general information, click here.