Welcome Mike Dyer to the City Commission

At our regular meeting on February 10th 2020 the Commission of the City of Bellemeade selected Mike Dyer to fill the open spot on the Commission. Mike was sworn in at the meeting. Mike is a long time resident of Bellemeade who brings tremendous experience to the Commission. We anticipate him taking over the role of Public Works Commissioner in the coming months and we will be working towards that transition.

Welcome, Mike!

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Meeting Minutes for Special Meeting on January 27th 2020


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Meeting Minutes for Commission Regular Meeting on January 13th 2020


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Open Positions

The City of Bellemeade is searching for some residents to step up and take a role in our municipal government. First and foremost we need a new Commissioner. After the death of our Mayor, John Miller, a current commissioner was appointed to fill the vacancy. This left the commission one member short. We have 30 days from January 27th 2020 to fill the vacancy for the remainder of 2020. The Commission would like to either fill the vacancy or have candidates in place for consideration at our next Commission meeting on February 10th 2020. If we do not choose a new Commissioner at this meeting we would have two more weeks to schedule a special meeting to fill the spot. If you are interested in being a Commissioner for the city, please contact me (mayor@bellemeade-ky.gov or 502-417-0831) and ask about it. I am happy to give you all of the information and explain the role and what it involves. There is no compensation except being involved in the city government but the time commitment is very reasonable. Second, we need two residents to fill open spots on the ethics committee. The ethics committee is a standing committee for the city that collects paperwork and oversees ethics complaints against city officials. We have a chairperson for the committee, we simply need two other residents to fill out the committee. This post typically only requires a few hours of involvement per year, but you would need to be available if an ethics violation or complaint did arise. Again, contact me if you have questions or would be interested in serving and I can outline the role more clearly.

Other news and notes

We’re on twitter! Check out the Mayor’s twitter account at @MayorBellemeade. This is another way to make sure you see news and announcements from our website.

February’s Commission Meeting will be held on February 4th at the NE Regional Library at 7PM. The agenda is posted here. For questions about citizen involvement in regular commission meetings click here.

Come see our redesigned website. The Bellemeade website has undergone some changes recently to make it more accessible for following events. Feedback is always welcome.

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Commission Agenda – February 10th 2020

Call To Order –

Consent Agenda –  

City Address, Approval of Minutes, Committee Appointments, Mayor Pro-Tem

Resident Concerns – 

Reports –

Treasurer’s Report – Geri Huff

Presentation of Rural and Municipal Aid Cooperative Agreement – Andrew Miller

Old Business – 


New Business – 


Discussion and Appointment of a new Commissioner

Adjournment – 

The next working meeting is scheduled for March 2nd 2020.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 9th 2020.

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Follow us on Twitter!

The Mayor has a twitter account! This account will be used for city news, sending out website updates and announcements. Follow me on Twitter to find out when something gets published. https://twitter.com/MayorBellemeade

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Mayor’s Message: Introduction…

On January 27th a special meeting was held to appoint a new Mayor for the City of Bellemeade.  I presented myself as a candidate and was unanimously selected to fill the role for the remainder of 2020.  Some were in attendance and heard an overview of my vision for the next year.  For those who didn’t, I wanted to introduce myself and explain a little about my goals. 

My name is Andrew Miller.  I have been a Commissioner for the City for 3 years now.  During that time I have been responsible for Public Works, which is mostly trash pickup, road and road sign maintenance and street lights.  I have lived in Bellemeade since 2014.  I have 4 young children (ages 8 to 9 months) and my wife is a neonatology and perinatal medicine fellow at the University of Louisville.  I work just a short distance away in Lyndon as a Software Engineer for a local business where I have been for almost 20 years.

Bellemeade is classified as a home rule city.  What this means is that we maintain a local municipal government with full powers to enact ordinances, tax and enforce.  This also means that we have some rules we have to follow, mostly ones set by Kentucky Revised Statutes but also the US Constitution and Louisville Metro.  John spent the first year of his tenure as Mayor working hard to make sure the city was correctly following these rules.  We passed multiple new ordinances setting out our meeting times and locations, creating our officer positions and establishing executive authority for our Commissioners.  Last month the city passed its first codified book of ordinances, which we will be publishing on our website in the coming weeks.  That effort started under John’s leadership.

My goal for the next year is to take this to the next step.  Not only do we need to formalize and improve our city ordinances, but we also need to formalize our city processes.  We need to have clear and accessible avenues of communication.  The first step in this was reworking our website and creating commissioner email address at our city domain.  We need to have clearly defined roles, and we need to have structure for our meetings and how they are conducted. I want citizens to feel comfortable coming to Commission meetings and expressing their opinions, and I also want being a Commissioner to be something people WANT to do, not something people are talked into doing.

This leads my to my last point: we need your participation.  We are now one Commissioner short of a full Commission.  We have 30 days to appoint and swear in a new Commissioner.  We intend to do this at our next regular city meeting on February 10th 2020 at the NE Regional Library.  I will be sending out more information about this soon.  If you are interested, please reach out to me at AndrewMiller@bellemeade-ky.gov or Mayor@bellemeade-ky.gov (or text/phone at 502-417-0831).  Being part of the commission is a good opportunity to learn about local government and be involved in your community, but it is also a good experience builder and a chance to get to know people in the city and learn how Metro and State Government work.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.
Andrew Miller

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Agenda for 1/27/2020 – Special Meeting to Elect a new Mayor

Call to Order – Statement from Mayor Pro-Tem Andrew Miller

Appointment of Presiding Officer – Mayor Pro-Tem Andrew Miller

Candidate Presentations – All Candidates who have signed in and asked to speak will be given time to speak. Time may be limited depending on the number of candidates.

Call for 10 Minute Recess, return to order – For consideration of candidates.

Select a New Mayor


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Special Meeting to Appoint a New Mayor

As many of you have heard, our Mayor, John W Miller, passed away recently. His leadership on the Commission is dearly missed. The Commission, pursuant to KRS 83A.040, has 30 days to appoint a new Mayor. The appointed Mayor will serve until November of 2020 when we are able to have an election for a new Mayor. At that time, the newly elected Mayor will serve the remaining two years of the current Mayoral term, and a new election will occur as normal, in 2022.

The new Mayor will be appointed in a special meeting on January 27th at 7:00 PM in the NE Regional Library at 15 Bellevoir Cir, Louisville, KY 40223. The meeting will be held in the “Kitchen” room.

Anyone wishing to be considered for the position should arrive before the meeting begins and sign-up to speak and be considered.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a qualified voter in Bellemeade, a current Bellemeade resident and have been a Bellemeade resident for at least one year. Current Commissioners will also be considered for the position. This is a special meeting and no other business will be conducted

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Arrangements for John W Miller

There will be a visitation for our Mayor, John W Miller, at 12:00 PM on Saturday January 18th at Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church.  The service will follow at 1:00 PM.  John’s family has extended the invitation to the residents of Bellemeade who would like to attend.  

The full obituary can be found here.

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